Individually Alarmed Storage Units

Rent with confidence at First Storage in Fayetteville, NC

What is a Smart Unit?

Our “smart” storage units have individual unit alarms that provide exceptional security.

First Storage is proud to introduce our premium smart storage units equipped with StorageDefender! These storage units have individual alarms that keep track of anyone accessing your storage unit (even us). Similar to Ring doorbells and other smart security features, StorageDefender gives you peace of mind 24/7.

If you’re storing items that you care about (and of course you are), consider upgrading to a smart storage unit. StorageDefender will notify you by text if motion is detected in your storage unit. You will also get to determine what the escalation process looks like.

StorageDefender doesn’t use an app, either - everything goes through text messages, so you won’t have to install or learn any new programs. If you have any questions about our Smart Storage Units, give us a call! We’re always happy to help.

Rent a smart unit

Rent a Smart Storage Unit in Fayetteville, NC

First Storage is dedicated to providing exceptional storage with exceptional security. Our individually-alarmed smart units are a big part of that! If you’re looking for the best place to store your valuable or treasured possessions, choose First Storage.

Simple Interface

No need to download and learn new programs - StorageDefender is built to be easy to use. Everything is managed via text!

Motion Detectors

StorageDefender uses motion detectors to detect if anyone is in your storage unit. Then, it will automatically notify you when the unit is accessed.

Cutting Edge Technology

StorageDefender utilizes AI to analyze and understand what’s going on in and around your storage unit.

Next Step Security

StorageDefender offers protection that other storage units can’t match!
Motion DetectionMotion Detection
Motion Detection

A motion alarm just for your individual storage unit

Text AlertsText Alerts
Real Time Alerts

Get notified instantly when movement is detected in your storage unit

Beep DeterrentBeep Deterrent
Noise Deterrent

Let thieves know you’ve seen them - StorageDefender can provide audible deterrence to send them running

Custom EscalationsCustom Escalations
Event Escalation

Decide exactly how your alerts go and who they notify

Real Time AlertsReal Time Alerts
Text Alerts

Get alerted through text - no fussy apps to deal with